On site service

On site service Activities:

  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Proveout
  • Training


  • Equipment Failures
  • Process interruption
  • System operation issues
  • Production discontinuity
  • Any other production/ efficiency hindering failures

Scheduled Maintenance

  • Check power lines, feed lines and related process impacting items
  • Check for replaceable items
  • Check overall process flow
  • Do necessary repairs/ replacements/ additions

Preventive Maintenance

  • Equipment critical operating sub systems/ parts
  • Common failure/replaceable parts/ units
  • Check stock of critical parts/ components/ units


  • Equipment
  • Automation systems/ feed systems
  • Electrical / Hydraulic/ Pneumatic lines
  • Display/ monitoring systems
  • Software
  • Best Known Methodologies (BKM)
  • Spare Parts Management
  • Reports Generation
  • Continuous Improvement and Implementation
  • ISO Documentation

OSS Support from forms and Gears

Install, maintain, service/ repair/ operate:

  • Robot
  • CCD
  • Stepping/ Servo motor
  • FFU
  • XY Slide table
  • Gantry
  • Laser
  • Barcode Scanner
  • Conveyor Unit
  • Feeder
  • Ball screw unit
  • Index table/ Linear module
  • Reduction box


Robot/ Automation/ Vision Systems:

  • Integration of robots
  • Robot-teaching, pick & place alignment
  • Vision based equipment installation and commissioning
  • Camera integration, Testing, Equipment setup for production
  • Equipment production run and maintenance support
  • SCADA Controlling & Monitoring System
  • Calibration and recalibration

Electrical/ Electronics

  • PLC Integration, Data Management System
  • Electrical integration of equipment and sub systems
  • Electrical and Electronics elements Tuning
  • Calibration and recalibration
  • Wiring of electrical control panels, trouble shooting and maintenance
  • Maintenance of: Motors, Drives and Controllers
  • Embedded firmware/ software integration
  • Firmware/ Software – Bug fixing and resolve issues

Mechanical/ Pneumatic/ Hydraulic

  • Integration of pneumatic/ hydraulic systems to equipment, run trials and maintenance
    • Linear indexing, Rotary indexing
    • Clamping systems
    • Locating Systems
    • Alignment systems
  • Calibration and system fine-tuning
  • Maintenance of all PLC Operated Hydraulic and Pneumatic equipment
  • Hydraulic and Pneumatic Fixtures / Jigs: Periodic and Scheduled Maintenance
  • Replacement and maintenance of wear out mechanical elements