As a value added service, F & G can provide complete tooling solutions as a package to customers along with our partners. Cutting trials can be done on our in-house machining centres right upto CPK runoffs at the customer’s site. Please contact us for further details. We are specialists in machining center fixtures which require and larger sizes.

Tooling Partner

Design Consultancy

We have an experienced design team who provide in house design capabilities. We also provide design as a service to customers on a case by case basis.


Conventional factory automation systems require a lot of mechanical equipment and a lot of maintenance, while being short on flexibility and high on energy costs. Our cutting edge system automation solutions, with remotely operated part/ component/ sub assy. transfer technology that delivers significantly higher performance levels than conventional conveyors/ transfer systems.


  • Enhancement of: Productivity, Manufacturing efficiency and Quality
  • Elimination of errors
  • Reduction in: Variability, wastes and manufacturing costs

Our Services:

  • Robot based automation solutions
  • Mechatronics solutions
  • Image based solutions
  • Overall system automation
  • Automated line solutions for:
    • Manufacturing, Part/ product Inspection Assembly and Testing Packaging
    • In line Image Based Components Inspection
  • Controller Panel and related Hardware/ Firmware development

Machine Tool

We work with our Machine Tool partners to provide complete solutions in the area of CNC precision machining and laser welding, laser cutting and the sheet metal machines. Using our expertise of fixture, tooling and automation, we can prepare different options of machines depending on your budget and the component requirements, the number of machined components required and set ups required.

Industry 4.0

Industrial manufacturing companies are facing strong demand to increase their productivity by realizing smart factories and smart manufacturing. Our Industry 4.0 solution enables manufacturers to connect multiple manufacturing/ production lines and machines, acquire data at different stages of production from several disparate sources, and develop capabilities like remote monitoring, predictive maintenance and related solutions.

  • Machine/ System Automation
  • Machine/ System, Subsystem Monitoring & Optimization
  • Machine Predictive Maintenance
  • System Integration & Production Traceability
  • Cloud And Cyber Security

Virtual reality (VR)

Virtual Reality refers to a high end user interface that involves real time simulation and interactions through multiple sensorial channels. Virtual Reality is often used to describe a wide variety of applications, commonly associated with its immersive, highly visual, 3D environments.

Augmented Reality integrates the computer generated virtual objects into the physical world which become in a sense an equal part of our natural environment.

  • R & D collaboration
  • Design Approval Process – Machine tool/ Fixtures/ Tools/ Jigs etc.
  • Instructional Manual
  • Maintenance Manual
  • Field Support
  • Support Sales

Engineering Services

The parent company of Forms and Gears, ASM Technologies Ltd. is a one stop shop for all system engineering needs and believes in innovation for the next generation. Our process driven engineering and planning ensures in delivering quality products in the optimum time and cost. ASM is a pioneer in Mechanical, Electrical/Electronic System and Sub System design. ASM team of highly accomplished, agile and “Hands On” engineers, architect, plan, design and enhance complex systems in Transportation/ Automotive, Semiconductor/ Hi-Tech, Medical and Consumer Electronics.


We provide AMC services for all types of fixtures. This service helps the customer to prevent unplanned breakdowns and maintain component accuracies in the long run. Please contact us for more details


"Forms and Gears is India’s oldest and largest fixture builder"

- Modern Machine Tool, June 2012

Design and Manufacture of fixtures is our core competency to provide innovative solutions for various types of components. We have manufactured all types of Automobile, Tractor, 2 Wheeler, Earth Moving and Marine Engine components from sizes of 100 X 100 mm to machining fixtures over 5 meters in size.

Solution for all type of Components:

2 Cylinder Block

3 Cylinder Block

4 Cylinder Block

12 Cylinder Block

12 Cylinder Block

16 Cylinder Block

16 Cylinder Block

Cylinder Head

Cylinder Head

Cylinder Head

Cylinder Head

Connecting Rod

Transmission Case

Center Housing

Clutch Housing

Gear Box Housing

Differential Housing

Servo Housing

Steering Column

Throttle Valve

Suspension Tube

Axle Arm

Brake Drum




Intermediate Frame

10m Long Beam

Body Cell

Case Bracket

End Frame


Bonnet Maching

Bell Crank Lever

Synchro Body





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